Electronic Or Paper: Which Book To Choose For Your Child

Electronic Or Paper: Which Book To Choose For Your Child

Filling your closet with dozens of books or buying just one e-book is a question that worries every parent.

The strongest argument in favor of buying an e-book is its cost. You can find a simple, but convenient reader for 3-5 thousand rubles, and you can download books from the Internet. For comparison, for a paper edition on average you have to pay about 500 rubles. In addition, the e-book will not take much space: its weight is about 500 grams, and a thickness of no more than 10 mm.

The electronic reader can hold hundreds of books, it is easy to take with you because it does not take up much space. Therefore, it is a very convenient way, especially for the reading person.

However, many parents worry that e-readers are harmful to the eyes. This is really true if the device has a color screen. Not only are they not safe for vision, but they also run out of power faster. If you choose e-ink books, however, there are no such problems. Their screen is very similar to the page of a paper book, and the charge lasts for several weeks of heavy use.

But e-books have their drawbacks, especially when it comes to a child.

First of all, their pages are not as colorful, and therefore less interesting for the young reader. Of course, e-readers also have pictures, but they are black and white. Therefore, for a preschool child is still better to choose a paper book.

Moreover, it is not easy to download a book, especially a new one. Many online stores offer to buy an electronic version of the book, but their cost is only 30% cheaper than the usual. But this problem rarely applies to books read by children: finding classics on the Internet is not difficult.
A child can easily break an e-book: sit on it, spill something or just drop it.

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If he or she accidentally forgets the device or loses it, the loss will be much more powerful than it would be with a paper book. Therefore, it is better to give a book to a young child under supervision or only at home.

However, in the age of progress and technology all of these disadvantages recede into the background: from birth children are used to “communicate” with computers, and know how to handle the electrode devices. Besides, it is already possible to publish only textbooks for which there is an electronic version in Russia, and very soon the educational system may switch over to electronic media.