How Genes Affect Orgasm

How Genes Affect Orgasm

In men during intercourse an orgasm occurs almost always, which cannot be said about women. Some women have never experienced the sensation at all. According to employees of the Research Center at St. Thomas Hospital in London, the “blame” for this, primarily genes.

Myths about orgasm

In puritan times, it was thought that women did not have an orgasm at all. It was not customary to talk about it in decent society. Especially since it was proven that female mammals are incapable of experiencing pleasure during intercourse. But over time it became clear that women, like men, can experience pleasure from intimacy. True, not always. Recent studies have shown that it takes a man an average of 2.5 minutes to reach orgasm, and a woman – as much as 12 minutes. At the same time, 29% to 35% of women never have an orgasm, and 21% can only experience it through masturbation.

It is quite common to believe that women have a certain mysterious “G-spot”, the effect on which is guaranteed to lead to an orgasm. Over the past 60 years, scientists around the world have tried different ways to calculate it, but as a result came to the conclusion that, most likely, there is no special point.

After several studies on this issue, experts have come to the conclusion that the hypothesis of this erogenous zone is completely wrong. “It is quite obvious that female intimate attraction is characterized by diversity, which cannot be reduced only to ‘on’ and ‘off’,” says French professor of gynecology Sylvain Mamoun.

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Indeed, every woman usually has several erogenous zones. But orgasm is born as a result of a combination of different physiological and nervous processes, not by pressing on a single point. Thus, it can not be achieved by magic. And it’s hard to clearly describe what happens during orgasm in a physical sense.

The orgasm is programmed in the genes

Meanwhile, British scientists have studied the intimate behavior of more than 2000 pairs of female twins aged 19 to 83 years. Usually such studies are conducted on twins for purity of the experiment, because they are genetically the closest to each other. It turned out that the “parameters” of orgasm – how often it happens, how long it takes a woman to achieve it, it needs additional stimulation or not – largely depend on the structure of DNA. After all, it is the genes that determine the structure and properties of our genitals.

But why does a man have an orgasm every time he makes love and a woman does not? In men, orgasm is a consequence of ejaculation, the release of semen. At first glance, a woman’s orgasm has nothing to do with pregnancy, but that’s not true. The fact is that at the moment of ecstasy the genital tracts open wide, which facilitates the penetration of the male seminal fluid into them. Accordingly, a woman has a better chance of becoming a mother, and her partner – a father.

In addition, according to scientists, the female orgasm was programmed by nature as a test for men. After all, in order to make his partner “fly to heaven,” a man must be patient enough, attentive and, finally, physically enduring. This means that he will pass on to future children the best genes and will be able to be a good father to them. As for the ladies who easily reach orgasm, mediocre men are probably enough for them, geneticists believe.

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How to get an orgasm

Also, according to experts, it is possible that if you can identify specific genes and their combinations, “responsible” for the orgasm, then we can learn to create special drugs that stimulate the achievement of pleasure.

In the meantime, according to specialists, you can “work” on orgasm on your own. There are special complexes of exercises that contribute to the exacerbation of intimate sensations. In addition, a woman is usually able to enjoy making love when she is completely relaxed, trusts her partner and, of course, feels a real attraction to him.