Is Sugar Really So Harmful

Is Sugar Really So Harmful

From time to time, people come up with a dietary “villain” that can be blamed for all the problems of modern man, whether it is overweight, illness or mood swings. Previously, this “villain” was fat, now it is sugar. On the Internet there are many articles and blogs with appeals to completely eliminate sugar from our diet, and some experts even call it a slow-killing poison. But is it really that dangerous?

A source of energy

Sugar is in most of the foods in our daily diet. These include pastas, sauces, syrups, desserts, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, etc. But without sugar, our bodies could not function properly. It provides energy to the muscles and is the source of energy for the brain and nervous system. It is also essential in converting fats into energy and allows us to avoid using protein for this purpose. Blood sugar, also known as glucose, breaks down into a series of chemical reactions and energizes cells. The hormone insulin is also involved in this process: it is released when the body receives sugar and signals the cells to stock up on glucose as an energy source.

Glucose can also be stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen. Glycogen later acts as stored energy when blood sugar levels drop, such as during exercise. When we get active exercise, it is important for the body to have a stable supply of glycogen, so that glucose levels thus remain constant. Therefore, you should not take popular advice literally and completely eliminate sugar from your diet. It plays a key role in our body’s vital functions and metabolic process.

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Useful and added sugar

Another thing is the sources of sugar and where we get it from. It is worth distinguishing between foods containing natural sugars and foods with added sugars. The former include complex carbohydrates, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. They include healthy sugars, but in addition to them, these foods contain nutrients and dietary fiber to prevent blood sugar spikes.

Foods with added sugar can give us a quick burst of energy, but many of them are not nutritious and some are even harmful. Excessive consumption of sugary drinks, desserts and synthetic products can boost your mood for a short time, but in the long run it is often the cause of diabetes, weight problems and heart problems.

When craving for new ideas, it is important to remember not to go to extremes. Complete rejection of any components or their excessive use can lead to the impairment of body functions. Listen to your body – very often it tells us what it is missing. If you have doubts about the correctness of your diet, it is best to consult a nutritionist or a doctor.