Iskra Lawrence: How A Supermodel Wasn't Afraid To Return To Her Weight

Iskra Lawrence: How A Supermodel Wasn’t Afraid To Return To Her Weight

After several modeling agencies rejected her after suggesting she lose weight, British model Iskra Lawrence decided to love her body instead of searching for another debilitating diet.

Do you lose weight all the time, too

If you’re anxiously increasing your gym sessions, buying pounds of celery and trying on your swimsuit in front of the mirror while pulling your belly in, you should subscribe to the Instagram account of body-positive activist Iskra Lawrence.

The 32-year-old British plus-size model declares to all desperate “perpetually thin” women the need to love and fully accept their bodies and treat them with respect.

“All bodies are created equal, ‘perfectly non-ideal’ and 100% unique,” Spark writes on herInstagram. – They need your love and respect. They are your homes. They hold your magical souls.”

But to gain that wisdom and earn worldwide fame, the girl had to go a long way in the tough modeling business.

“I was obsessed with my weight and even gave up my main hobby, swimming, because I seemed bulky to myself.”

Sparkle Arabella Lawrence was born September 11, 1990 in the small British city of Worcester. From childhood she was fond of swimming and, like many schoolgirls, dreamed of becoming a supermodel when she grew up. At 13, she entered a modeling contest in her hometown. The organizers made it clear to her that to continue her modeling career, she would have to “pull herself together and lose weight.”

“I remember being embarrassed about being lush,” Iskra recalled in an interview for Cosmopolitan1. – “My hips were 36 inches instead of 34, I was obsessed with my weight and even gave up my main hobby, swimming, because I thought I was bulky.

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Thanks to her charisma and charm the girl progressed in the modeling business, but to stay afloat, she had to find new diets. Her photos were always retouched after photo shoots – her arms were made thinner, a notch was drawn between her thighs, skin was smoothed out, abdominal folds were “tightened” and cellulite was removed.

At 21, Iskra experienced a breakup with her boyfriend, and suddenly her perception of her figure began to change. “All my life being shy and retouching my body is crazy,” she decided. – What if I could be the only model in my size? In that case, I would have a monopoly in the business. I’m different, I’d have to work hard, but I know I’m smart. And I want to use that.”

From then on, Lawrence’s mindset changed: she began to study nutrition and treat exercise not as a way to lose weight, but as an active regimen of building strength and improving health.

“No man and no pair of little jeans will control my mood-just me.”

Today, Iskra Lawrence is an ambassador for the idea of a healthy weight, with 3.5 million people subscribed to her Instagram account. She collaborates with men’s magazines, is the face of swimwear and lingerie company Aerie, editor-in-chief of a fashion portal for women of all sizes, and leads a movement for teens that encourages love and care for your body. Spark’s hashtag #EveryBODYIsBeautiful has over 100,000 postings by women from around the world (#EveryBODYIsBeautiful is a play on words with a double meaning: “Every person is beautiful” and “Every body is beautiful”).
Spark posts photos that clearly show creases and irregularities, but she never retouches her photos. Her boldness is often the cause of ridicule and insults in the comments: “Big fat ass. Why is it considered normal today to have a fat ass and still feel fine? Fat Cow. Everyone should stop eating at McDonald’s because health clinics are on the outs because of people like her…”

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The girl doesn’t ignore the offenders. The model responded to the aggressive comment with a witty photo with dozens of packs of chips and the caption, “I couldn’t help myself. This is for everyone who’s ever been called fat.”

The supermodel does not support gluttony, she eats in moderation and also exercises regularly. With her lifestyle and attitude towards her body and health, she motivates women not to give in to provocations and not to respond to rudeness.

For anyone who wants a healthy self-confidence, Lawrence advises, “If your girlfriend says she has big fat folds, don’t complain back that you’re sick of yours too – tell her that she looks great and that you feel good about yourself too. No man and no pair of little jeans will control my mood-just me.”

That seems to be the secret to healthy self-esteem and inner harmony.