Silence Woman: Why Patriarchy Is Bad

Silence Woman: Why Patriarchy Is Bad

Your place is in the kitchen, with children, anywhere, but you are a woman and must keep the family home, forgetting about your dreams, goals and ambitions.

What is patriarchy

Patriarchy is a social system in which men are the primary bearers of political power and moral authority, controlling property, and fathers have a leading position in families. In essence, patriarchy is the power of men over women, where women are given a secondary role, in accordance with their “traditional” functions: reproduction of offspring, taking care of them, maintaining peace and order in the family.

Patriarchy emerged a long time ago, even in rudimentary society, the man took care of the material well-being of the family, was the breadwinner, while the woman was the keeper of the family home. It is said that patriarchal families are stronger, their children grow up prepared for life, from an early age boys are prepared to create a new family and girls are prepared to keep that family. Everyone in this case has a certain set of functions and rules of behavior in society. Children adopt these social patterns of behavior from their parents and prepare to pass them on to their children.

Patriarchy is about male authority. Equal rights and freedoms are out of the question here, the man is the power, the woman only submits to this power. In patriarchy woman is deprived of literally all opportunities, she has no right even to think about her favorite work, to dream of achieving any goals, because her place is in the home, in the family. She is completely dependent on the man economically and financially, there is no question of a family budget or freedom of expression. Her interests are determined by the man, the head of the family, and these interests are often children and family.

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In patriarchal families, the woman devotes herself entirely to her husband, children and home. She has no rights in solving important family issues. The man makes decisions on his own, without regard for his wife’s opinion and views. In such a family a woman cannot dream of her favorite job and career, which nowadays plays an important role, because in this way a woman shows her personal qualities, communicates with interesting people, chooses a job to her liking. Sitting at home with children and doing housework, a woman does not receive proper education. She has no opportunity to expand her horizons and live a full life. In such a case, the entire household falls on the woman.

In modern society, patriarchy in the family is the exception rather than the rule. Still, the family model has become more democratic. However, patriarchy, as well as matriarchy, are extremes, where in the first case the power and force are concentrated in the hands of men and in the second – women. But despite the fact that such an order may leave the family, it persists in society as a whole. Many women fail and are forced to fight for their rights simply because they are women. Patriarchal orders and stereotypes are so entrenched in society that they prevent women from acting on an equal footing with men, pursuing their goals, and building their careers. Society, men and women alike, are convinced that a woman’s place is strictly defined and at home, in the family, and that anything outside this strictly defined area is wrong. Patriarchy deprives women of one of the most valuable resources of modern life: freedom.

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