The Kim Kardashian Waist Trainer: Does It Work

The Kim Kardashian Waist Trainer: Does It Work

After Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram a photo in a corset, which allegedly made her such a narrow waist, many ran to buy the same for themselves. After all, you don’t have to do anything: just walk around in a corset and in a month you have a thin waist. We decided to find out what the catch is.

Is the waist trainer safe

Yes, but only under certain conditions.

The first condition is that the corset must be tailored to your size. Do not try to take it a size or two smaller, thinking that it will bring you even more efficiency – you will only traumatize yourself and your organs, you may experience pain and internal bruises.

Like any corset, it relaxes your muscles, because you transfer some of the load to it. And, consequently, if you abuse any corset, you will probably see results – but when it appears, you will literally have to pick yourself back to pieces, because the muscles that received increased support from the corset, simply – simply atrophy. To start wearing a waist trainer or any other corset, you need to buy a gym membership – and, preferably, have a personal trainer, so that he helped you choose the correct and commensurate to your strength and needs of the load. Also noteworthy is that the corset is made of latex and lined with cotton, and, therefore, you will sweat. And that’s putting it mildly – you’ll sweat a lot, a lot, and you’ll be hot all the time. Therefore, it is worth taking care that you do not get dehydration, or any skin diseases associated with the fact that you will be in a warm, humid environment favorable to the development of microorganisms. Minimal that can be obtained from poor hygiene while wearing a corset – sweating, but you can get and fungus of the skin, such as, for example, commonly known among the ringworm, because the warm and humid environment for fungal organisms that cause mycosis of the skin, is extremely favorable. And then you have to go through a complex and lengthy course of treatment, and about the corset will have to forget.

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It’s also worth observing the sleep regime – sleep as never before important to modern man to rest and accumulate strength, which later will go to the workout. And if you do not have strength, then you are unlikely to attend sports. In fact, when wearing a corset, you should follow all the same rules as in the usual effort to lose weight.

Is it effective

In a sense yes. Many people are motivated by this corset to go to the gym, so as not to turn into a “vegetable” without muscle after a few months of daily wear, and for some the stimulus is their idol – Kim Kardashian.

Besides her, by the way, the most famous female part of the Kardashian family, Khloe and Kylie, has been seen wearing these corsets. In fact, it doesn’t really do much, except create a bathing effect and make you sweat. The same effect will bring a proper diet, daily, regular trips to the gym, regular sleep, in the end – visit the doctor. Because if you have problems with your thyroid gland, or a failure in the hormonal system, no corset will not help you. And in the end do not forget that it is impossible to lose weight without making an effort, and a corset will not do all the work for you. Well in the end – think about why you want to lose weight? Lose weight only if this desire is not imposed on you by others, or their pressure, and dictated by medical conditions or beauty in their eyes. The main thing is that your vision of beauty is truly yours, and not imposed by society.

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