The Most Dangerous And Stupid Ways To Lose Weight

The Most Dangerous And Stupid Ways To Lose Weight

These days, the cult of a beautiful figure and pleasing appearance has come to the forefront. Plastic surgeons raise their prices every year, but so does the volume of clients. But, alas, compared to plastic surgery and liposuction, some ways of losing weight seem terrible.

Many women are willing to do anything to get the perfect figure with minimal effort. But this approach is wrong. You can’t get everything by doing nothing. In order to warn you against the dangers, we’ve gathered the five most dangerous ways to lose weight – but before you get to the main part of the article, we want to warn you – no dress that will fit you well will compensate for the harm caused to your health by the drugs mentioned below. Do not repeat the mistakes of others.

Losing weight with the help of parasites

Doctors, or rather charlatans practicing this method, promise miraculous weight loss without any surgery or discomfort in 2-3 months. And unbelievably, but people believe them and go to them. The bottom line is absolutely simple – the doctor infects the patient’s parasite germ, and it devours the contents of the intestine, and sometimes goes to the intestine itself. The larvae of the bovine chainworm, which in its adult form are extremely voracious, are often used. Doctors often promise to remove these parasites from the intestine without surgery – but this is rarely possible. The parasite has already had time to grow and get fat, and it cannot come out through the anus on its own. You have to perform surgery and remove the parasite manually.

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Losing weight with diet pills

Diet pills appeared on the market back in the 2000s. Then everyone – from schoolgirls to serious business ladies – was talking about them. But later the doctors started talking about them. As it turned out many of these pills contained strong psychotropic substances that affect the body in the following ways – they destroyed cells, forcing the body to feed on them. They also affected the joints, the cardiovascular system, and the brain.

Losing weight with gastric surgery

More recently, another way to lose weight has been invented – with the help of gastric surgery. Doctors simply cut off part of the stomach and thus make its volume several times smaller, which supposedly helps to reduce appetite. The truth is that appetite is not affected by stomach volume. It is influenced by factors such as motor activity, metabolism, mental activity, and so on. Doctors who advertise this method of weight loss will never tell you that this type of surgery often results in inflammation, infection and may result in a purulent process. Also, this type of surgery can lead to exactly the opposite result – your appetite will increase because your body will not have enough nutrients and you will only gain weight.

Losing weight with unbalanced diets

It would seem that dieting is the safest way to lose weight. It turns out, however, that not every diet will bring the long-awaited loss of pounds without consequences for the body. Widespread now the so-called drinking diet or chocolate diet can make you a sick person for life. A diet is useful only if it has been coordinated with a doctor, a nutritionist, and not made up by yourself.

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Losing weight by emptying your stomach

This method is approximately on a par with the danger of parasites. The idea is to empty the stomach after eating by inducing vomiting. This method often leads to eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. It often leads to stomach ulcers, impaired function of the reproductive system, severely impaired vision, hair loss, and thinning of the nails.

In conclusion, we would like to say that all of the above methods are not suitable for healthy weight loss. In order to lose weight, you need a long and hard workout, maintain a diet and sleep, go to the doctor. It is also necessary to find out the cause of obesity and to eliminate it in the first place, and then to deal with the consequences.