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The Most Ineffective Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair

Hair is an important part of our image. And, of course, we want them to look beautiful and well-groomed. Meanwhile, how many people know how to properly care for their hair? Here are the most common mistakes.

The haircut

It is believed that it strengthens hair and makes it grow faster. It doesn’t. The hair on your head grows an average of 1.5 centimeters per month. Usually they grow faster in summer and slower in winter. But to improve the condition of the hair, you should take vitamins, make special masks, use special shampoos and balms. The haircut does not help here. Another thing is that after it a person, as a rule, feels more vigorous and energetic. However, this has nothing to do with the hair itself.

Frequent and improper combing

Although brushed hair looks nicer and neater, the process of combing often leads to split ends of hair as well as hair loss. Therefore, you should not brush your hair too often.

Also you should learn how to brush your hair properly. Firstly, it should be done with smooth movements, starting from the tips and gradually moving up. Secondly, it is better not to use combs and brushes with hard teeth or bristles, as this will only harm your hair.

Washing less often

“Many girls today are pretty sure that the less often they wash their hair, the less it gets dirty,” says stylist Irina Zhokhova. But it’s all individual, she adds. Some people wash their hair only once a week, and their hair looks well-groomed. And some people’s hair is “no hair” in a day after washing. According to Irina Zhokhova, washing too seldom leads to the fact that the follicles and pores of the scalp become clogged, the hair becomes brittle and easily falls out. Add to that the appearance of itching and dandruff.

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“Dirty hair falls out much stronger than clean hair,” says trichologist Marina Papoyan of the Institute of Beauty. – So doctors advise you to wash your hair as often as your hair needs.

Incorrect washing

Many people wash their hair in the following way: they shampoo once and wash it off. That’s it. In fact, experts say, shampooing for the first time, we remove only the top layer of dirt. But the second time we shampoo, we cleanse the skin of keratinized particles. We need to shampoo the hair twice. But even before shampooing it is necessary to abundantly moisten the hair with water, so the detergent will be more lathery and evenly distributed along the entire length.

Do not wash your hair too hot water. The fact is that the boiling water stimulates the sebaceous glands and the head gets dirty quickly. You should use lukewarm water, not hot. This is enough to soften the skin and remove impurities. Finally, you can rinse your hair with cool water: a slight temperature difference will improve blood circulation and make your hair more shiny.

It’s also important to thoroughly remove excess shampoo from your hair as you wash it. Detergent left on the hair is a disservice to you: in a few hours your hair may look dirty again, and it will be found in the dandruff.

Misuse of masks and conditioners

Often women apply masks and conditioners directly after washing their hair. However, the water does not allow the nutrients to penetrate the hair structure. Therefore, it is not possible to achieve the maximum effect from the use of these means. It is necessary after washing first dry hair with a towel, and then apply the product on the entire length, but not to rub into the scalp.

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Improper hair drying

Most women start drying their hair with a hair dryer immediately after washing. But for best results, you should first soak them with a towel and then let them dry naturally for a few minutes. Don’t blow dry your hair with hot air – it’s only for styling. You need warm air to just dry your hair. Use the appropriate temperature setting in your hair dryer.

Pulling out gray hair

Sometimes you hear advice to tear out white hairs so that it will grow back to its natural color.

The only reason why you should tear out gray hair is for cosmetic reasons. It makes sense to do this if you don’t want the gray hair to be visible.

Generally, hair turns gray with age. But it also depends on genetics. Some people have gray hair at 20, while others do not see gray hair at all at 60… It is also believed that a person can go gray, for example, because of stress, but medics still consider this statement to be controversial.