Virgophobia: Why Men Are Afraid Of Virgins

Why do many men prefer not to get involved with virgins? Sexologists and psychoanalysts believe that the reason for this is “embedded” in the subconscious historical fear of stepping over the taboo.

The father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud believed, that this “ceremonialism” could be explained by the fear of blood: ancient people believed, that in blood there is a human soul, and they considered any bloodletting as partial loss of the soul. That is why there was a taboo on blood – a kind of protective measure against the primal bloodlust. And when a modern man experiences fear before the first wedding night, it is the genes of his distant ancestors, who shunned defloration because of the ban on bloodletting, that speak for themselves.

Another reason for virgophobia (fear of virginity) is a subconscious fear of the unknown. According to psychoanalysis, everything new and unknown causes a person to fear for his health. And the defloration procedure, according to Freud, is the quintessence of new beginnings. Naturally, to the “pioneer” it inspires a certain fear. But the main background to the fear of virginity is the man’s fear of hurting the girl and causing hostility. According to Freud, a man is afraid that a girl will want to get back at him for “hurting” him. Here, a subconscious fear of being emasculated for “wrong” behavior speaks to a member of the stronger sex. Obedient to these fears, our ancestors shifted defloration to the powerful shoulders of shamans, priestesses and faithful friends – and then they themselves followed the well-trodden path. Nowadays, there is no such “division of duties. So we have to act on our own.

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