Where Do Women Hit More Often

Most men have fought at least once in their lives: as boys or in their youth, in a sports club at practice, or getting into a conflict. Some women have had that experience, too. Depending on who a woman fights and where, there are body parts she hits more often.

Hit the groin!

You have to admit that the modern girl can’t do without self-defense lessons. She may never need them, but it is better to be ready for anything. And one of the first rules of these lessons – if a man attacked, it is necessary to hit him in places that are guaranteed to withdraw it for some time. For example, in the groin.

It is difficult for a woman to maintain an equal fight with a superior man. She has a lighter bone and a weaker punch. So she tries to hit as hard and as effectively as possible:

Knee to the groin;
a fist to the throat;
with the toe to the kneecap;
at the base of the nose;
fist or fingers in the eyes.

The unspoken ban on “hitting below the belt”, which many men try not to break in fights with each other (or you can get a blow back), women rarely observe. And this is understandable – it is easier to hit once so that the opponent bent over in pain, and run away, than to randomly hit anywhere.

That is why there are even legends about women’s cruelty: supposedly once there were mixed competitions with fights between human beings, but they had to stop because of the fact that from two blows women chose the most painful, for example, they preferred not to split the eyebrow, but to hit the eye.

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Do women hit in the face?

They do, but less often than men. In a fight between two girls (not in a duel between two professional sportswomen), the rivals would rather scratch their faces or grab each other’s hair.

Scratches are not decorative, but they disappear pretty quickly, but a broken nose does not add to the attractiveness, which is probably why it is not popular in women’s fights. If you break the nose of another woman, she may respond in the same way.

Sometimes rivals hit each other in the chest – a blow to the woman is very painful, but less than a kick in the groin for a man. However, women also get beaten in the groin, and doctors believe that the negative consequences of this can be even worse than a blow to the man’s groin. In a state of affect a woman may try to scratch her eyes – not so much to hit in the eye, but exactly to claw at his nails.

It is often believed that for a woman fight – it is an extreme measure, when the conflict has reached a high point and emotions are literally boiling. Then loud accusations, painful pulling by the hair, shoving with a spread palm and even biting and pinching are more “appropriate” than a punching. This kind of female fighting even formed the basis of a specific fight with a touch of illegality – catfight.

Many women are not interested in fighting as a process, as a desire to prove their superiority. “Let’s go out” is hardly practiced among them either. And in childhood boys are often scolded a little bit for fighting, and girls are told for a long time that fighting is not their business. And so they have less knowledge, how and where to hit, than men.

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Where do female boxers hit?

Society is conservative, even the Olympic program included women’s boxing only in 2012, and the first World Championship was held a little earlier, in 1995.

Female athletes follow the same rules during fights as the men: punches below the waist are prohibited, in amateur fights a protective helmet can be used. Because of the peculiarities of female anatomy female boxers must necessarily use protective pads on her chest, so most of the blows are to the head and body. That is why broken noses, scars, bruises, dislocations and dislocated fingers are among the most frequent injuries in women’s boxing.

Otherwise women’s martial arts do not differ much from men’s: women are given the same blows, their trainers are often men, and in different martial arts sections and sparring partners are men.