Who Can Be More Violent: A Woman Or A Man

Cruelty is a personality trait consisting in complete indifference to the suffering of other people or animals, and a desire to inflict pain on others. But, who is more cruel: men or women?

Sociological data show that more than half of the killers arrested by Interpol are women. Women are also more likely to be the perpetrators of terrorist acts. Despite the fact that a woman decides to commit a crime rarely, but if she does, she sometimes uses more brutal methods than a man.

For example, the most violent women in history are:
– Darya Saltykova (one of the most sophisticated murderers, who murdered about 139 girls, women and girls);
– Elizabeth Bathory (a real serial killer, who murdered about 650 people in her life, all so she could bathe in a bath of their blood and look young);
– Catherine Knight (the first woman to be sentenced to life in prison without the right to change her sentence for killing, dismembering and boiling her own husband);
– Elsa Koch (who collected human skin with interesting markings from concentration camp prisoners and even ordered bags, chandeliers, and other household items from them);
– Princess Olga (avenged her husband’s murderers by setting an entire village on fire).

Many years of research by psychiatrists, psychologists, criminologists and sociologists also show that women are more violent, and this is due to a number of factors:

First, women have a more developed instinct of self-preservation, and the preservation of posterity, that’s why in critical moments a woman is ready to act more decisively than men and more ruthless, as she needs to save and raise a child. And in an effort to save the child, a woman can even kill the father of the child, if he is a real threat to the baby.

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Secondly, according to a Scandinavian socio-psychologist, women are more cruel also because they often, for objective reasons, have to reject men. This problem is rooted in adolescence, when kids are 13 to 16 years old, being in unequal situations regarding the issue of relationships and love. Boys propose relationships to girls, who in turn cannot be friends with all the boys who propose them at the same time and have to say no. The rejection is an offense. The boy expects reciprocity, but the result is the opposite. The girl constantly refusing reinforces the understanding that in order to keep herself, sometimes you have to refuse, and thus be ruthless. In this way, the behavior is reinforced.

Of course, one cannot say that all women are inherently more cruel, but at the same time, history shows that women are more sophisticated and vindictive.