Why Do “Southern Women” Are Maturing Earlier

It is believed that the representatives of the southern and eastern peoples reach puberty somewhat earlier than their peers. What does this have to do with it?

Daughters of the sun

The southern regions are characterized by increased solar activity. And the sun means light and warmth. Recall that it is the sun’s rays that play a major role in the maturation of plants. And children in areas with little sun grow “stunted. That’s why we love to go to the south.

Also in the diet of the South more vitamins: they have access to fruit almost all year round. All this significantly affects the hormonal sphere. That is why puberty begins about a year and a half earlier in girls than in northerners. At 10, a southern girl may look like her northern counterpart at 12.

“Probably many women have noticed that in summer the menstrual cycle shifts a little, – says child gynecologist Eleonora Ovsyannikova, MD. – At sea, menstrual cycle often begins quite unexpectedly. The body reacts to the sun and adjusts the production of hormones.

Southern women, this mechanism is prescribed in the genetic memory, no matter where the girl lives. On average, Armenian, Jewish, Chechen, Spanish, and Croatian girls begin to grow breasts earlier than British, Swedish, Russian, or Chukchi girls.

Consequences of Early Adulthood

Not without reason in Soviet times, representatives of the southern and eastern republics were allowed to marry from the age of 16, while the Russian women – only from 18. And “unofficially” a girl could get married at 14, 15… These days little has changed in this respect, especially in the Islamic republics of the Caucasus.

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“In many cultures a girl became an adult with the arrival of her period,” comments ethnographer and sociologist Alina Slavskaya. – She was ordered to change her clothes from baby clothes to women’s, she was allowed to start wearing her mother’s jewelry, and those around her began to treat her accordingly.

Already mature girls from the south also seem older than their female peers. And early marriages contribute a lot to this. At 20, most European girls are still busy studying and having affairs, but a 20-year-old Southern girl may have two or three children by this age.

Growing old before you mature?

Southern women are in high demand from men, including “non-youth” origin.

Unfortunately, early female maturity has a downside. There is a widespread belief that Southern women age earlier. After the age of 25, hairy beauties begin to develop wrinkles. In addition, Southern women are often prone to excessive hair loss. If in youth, a slight mustache above the upper lip looks pretty cute, but over the years they grow thick, and even waxing tools can hardly cope with this problem.

By the age of 40 years in some Southern women already ends the reproductive period and their appearance is turning into an old woman. True, it all depends on the specific conditions of life. If a woman lives in the countryside, she has a house, a family, she gives birth to many children, then she gets old earlier. If a woman lives in the city, studies, works, takes care of herself, she can still long maintain a youthful appearance. Yes, we should not forget that the sun damages the skin, and residents of southern villages are forced to spend a lot of time in the sun, doing housework.

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But southerners often live much longer than northerners – it’s their genetics.

So it is true that Southern women mature earlier than men. But the fact of their early aging cannot be called an indisputable truth. It’s all relative.