Why Female Bodyguards Are Better Than Men

The emergence of female bodyguards is by no means a tribute to fashion, but an indication of the aggravation of the criminal situation. Only in the most dangerous and difficult times did the powerful entrust their lives to a female guard.

This was the case in ancient Egypt during the Middle Kingdom, when the pharaohs vied for power with the nomarchs. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was also guarded by female special units – the “Amazon Guard” and the “Nuns of the Revolution. Who but the dictator and the colonel understand how important the security of the head of state and commander of the army is?

A woman is always underestimated

A woman is naturally physically weaker than a man, her psyche is prone to panic, she can not in a stressful situation to think through the algorithm of logical actions and prevent sudden attacks – this is how a man who plans a murder thinks. He does not see the object’s referent in a business suit and high heels as an obstacle to his goal. And that is his main mistake. Female bodyguard has excellent skills of hand-to-hand combat, she has a gun under her jacket or blouse, and in her business handbag or clutch – a knife, stun gun or other devices to repel attacks. Women also have heightened instincts, they feel danger better and in extreme cases they easily take the harshest measures. As soon as a would-be assassin sees a female security guard standing next to the target, rather than a man, he relaxes for a split second. And that is enough for the professional to turn the situation in his favor.

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She can do things that a man cannot do

Imagine you have to protect a young heir of a million-dollar fortune. Constant whims, mischief and hooliganism. And if it is an heiress, a gentle and spoiled “princess”, which have to babysit 24 hours a day? Any fighter would just freak out and try to establish his own clear rules of interaction with such an unpredictable object of protection. And this is where problems are likely to arise, the job will be in jeopardy. A female security guard will initially treat such a client like a child and take all the caprices as pranks, and will react to them much easier than a man.

And what if you need to guard a girl? Accompany her to the airport, to meetings, to restaurants. Who can guarantee that there won’t be a threat waiting for her in the ladies room or beauty salon for a massage? And again, the potential enemy will not immediately realize that behind the image of a teacher of the children, a girlfriend or a familiar girl hides an experienced bodyguard. And this will greatly increase the chances of the bodyguard to prevent the attack and repulse the threat.

Thinks differently than a man

Quite recently, there have been articles in the French press, describing how two Russians in a car chased black gangsters in Paris, who took their valuables, then “beat up” some of them and gave them back. The beaten robbers were detained by the police. The details of the incident are as follows. The head of the “Rosoboronexport” delegation was driving in the center of the French capital with a female bodyguard at the wheel. At a traffic light, two black men on a motorcycle stole their briefcase from the car and began to flee, seeking to hide in one of the criminal areas of Paris. After half an hour of intense racing, the head of the delegation’s car followed the robbers on a motorcycle into an enclave, where they were met by about 50 black young men with truncheons, unhappy that outsiders had invaded their territory. It’s clear to any man that the forces are not equal and they need to get out of the way. However, according to the French press, the female bodyguard still “took” the briefcase from the bandits, after which the locals were forced to call the police because of the “lawlessness of this Russian. The police, in turn, arrived in the criminal area and detained four suspects of this and other crimes. How the woman managed to recover the stolen property, the French police is silent, but one thing is clear: the head of the “Rosoboronexport” delegation is hardly unhappy with the work of his bodyguard.

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