Why Girls Want A Gay Friend So Badly

Why Girls Want A Gay Friend So Badly

You may not even be aware of the existence of “gerlfags”-but there are, and there are more than you might think at first glance.

A girlfag is a woman who is attracted to homosexual, bisexual, and trans men. This is often accompanied by the feeling that a gerlfag is a gay man in a woman’s body.

When did the first gerlfags appear and what do they do now

The word girlfag was first used by journalist Jill Nagle in a 2003 article in BUST magazine. It is now perceived with some apprehension as potentially negative and offensive. But at the moment, no one has been able to come up with a viable replacement for the word (although the polar term guydyke has already acquired a “more correct” alternative to “lesbian man”).

Although the term itself appeared only recently, there is evidence that guydykes existed before. For example, Mary Renaud wrote homoerotic novels about Greek and Roman history that inspired several generations of gay men. Amandine Aurora Lucile Dupin, better known as Georges Sand, often dressed as a man and made no secret of her affection for gentle and feminine men. We will probably never know how many herldaykes there were in history-but we can certainly say that they did exist.

Modern girls express their erotic selves through slash fanfic (fan works in which pop culture heroes act as homosexual partners). Some girls consider themselves “trans women” and like to dress in an overly feminine style. They can also be fag hag – women who use homosexual culture but do not identify with or feel sexually attracted to them.

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Who do gerlphags date

Many people, upon learning of the existence of gerlfags, may be skeptical that it is possible for them to find a life partner. After all, what are the chances of starting a relationship with someone who, by definition, isn’t interested in your entire gender?

In fact, many of the gerlphag girls are in happy and stable relationships. Some are non-monogamous partnerships with gay men, some with bisexual men who are “gay enough” to meet their needs. Sometimes gerldykes find female partners of the same identity, and some simply meet an understanding and accepting partner.

Girlfags are often accused of objectifying homosexuality, but they themselves disagree. Sexual objectification focuses precisely on the bodily component of the object, not on its individuality. But many herlday women have no “bad” intentions and don’t project their fantasies onto those who don’t agree to it

Challenges in the life of a girl gerlfag

The biggest obstacle most gerlphags face is resentment, misunderstanding, and resistance from those who are convinced that there are only two genders. For them, the very existence of the gerlfag calls into question everything they believe in. For those who believe that the world is clearly divided between men and women (and thus between homosexuals and “straight” men), the gerlfags present an unsolvable problem: in this worldview it is impossible for a woman to recognize herself as a gay man.

This is how the “simplistic” understanding of gender manifests itself: that “male” equals “masculine,” “XY chromosome,” or “that-who-is-a-penis.” The reality, however, is that a person with female genitalia may have a masculine appearance, an XY chromosome and, because of the insensitivity of androgens, this person will legally be considered a woman. Therefore, one should not rely only on a binary gender – there are many more options for gender identity.

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Another simplification of the girlfag identity is the view that this is how they manifest “autogynephilia” – an erotic attraction to the image of themselves as a person of the other sex. Given the range of gender perceptions among gerlfags, which ranges from “exaggerating” their own gender, to perceiving themselves as male, this version seems rather unsustainable.

How do we treat gerlfags? First and foremost, as human beings. The bottom line is that no one is imposing their view of sexuality on you or forcing you to join in – which means it would be at least polite to respond in the same way. Be polite and let others live!