Why You Are Wearing The Wrong Size Bra

Why You Are Wearing The Wrong Size Bra

I’ve been wearing the wrong size bra for years. And you probably have, too. In fact, almost 80 percent of women still wear bras that don’t fit them well. Why does this happen and how do you find the right bra that really fits you?

Living in a world of skinny and flat

A 2008 survey conducted by lingerie manufacturer Triumph and published in Chiropractic & Osteopathy magazine found that most women (80 percent!) wear the wrong size bra. Of these women, 70 percent wear bras that are too small and only 10 percent wear bras that are too large.

This is not surprising, considering how difficult it is to find attractive (or any!) oversized options. While Victoria’s Secret offers bras in sizes up to 90DDD with a nice variety of styles and colors, it’s not always enough. In fact, it’s not enough at all. Many women want bras with coverage sizes over 90 centimeters under the breasts. Many mass market stores still have a size range that ends somewhere around 80 centimeters.

There is no general ideal in cup size

When it comes to bra sizes, most women still believe in the idea that bigger is better – at least when it comes to cup size. But they often don’t realize that cup size is not equal to breast size. That size depends on the difference between the size of the breasts and the size of the chest.

This means that someone with a 75C still has a smaller bra cup than a girl with a size 80C. Increasing the girth size can provide the right fit for many women who experience too much cup volume.

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Some women know they are wearing the wrong bra size, but continue to wear it. A study conducted by Ergonomics magazine found that women with larger breasts tend to make even more mistakes when choosing a bra size.

Wearing the wrong bra size can cause breast pain and skin irritation. In a study of female riders and the impact of their bra size, 40% reported breast pain and 59% reported at least one other problem related to lingerie size. That said, the notion that the wrong size bras cause breast cancer is a myth.

How to find a bra that fits you

Before you give up on bras or resign yourself to perpetual discomfort, consider trying a professional fitting and fitting lingerie. The help of a professional can save you from uncomfortable bras and wrong sizes. If another person’s help isn’t an option, these four tips can help.

Choose a bra whose bottom will be comfortable with maximum size hooks. There should be enough room to fit two fingers between the edge and the back. Bras stretch as you wear them, so you will eventually use the second and third hooks.

If your bra straps are cutting into your shoulders, try reducing the size in girth. Girth and straps work together – and if the latter are pushing, that means the bra isn’t doing its part in lifting and supporting your breasts.

Are your breasts literally “popping out” from the sides or top of the bra cup? Try a larger bra size. And make sure that you put the bra on by bending over so that your entire breast is in the cups.

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What about “creases” in the back? Try on a bra with a larger girth. Many women think that fatty creases mean that their bra is too small – and it does happen. But sometimes what happens is that because the size is too big, the bottom of the bra looks terrible on the back.

While science has begun to use 3D scanners to help create bras and fit the perfect size, it’s still not available to each of us. If you’re not ready for a professional bra fitting, but still want to make sure you’re wearing the right bra size, get a centimeter (fabric). Then use one of the many online calculators that will help you determine your ideal size.