Why You Can't Survive In A Metropolis Without Makeup

Why You Can’t Survive In A Metropolis Without Makeup

It is hard to imagine modern life without cosmetics. However, there are people who completely reject cosmetics, and we are not just talking about men. We will tell you why you should not do so categorically.

Cosmetics is not just lipstick, mascara and foundation, as many people think. Most cosmetic products are aimed precisely at skin care. This is primarily soaps, shampoos, but also creams, scrubs, masks and tonics for the skin. It is a thorough and competent self-care helps our skin to survive in the aggressive environment in which we live.

Attack on the skin

Skin is a protective barrier that is designed to “repel” the attacks of the outside world. The world’s ecological situation is deteriorating more and more every year, particularly in the cities. We are in almost direct contact with sources of pollution, so it is in megacities that our main protective barrier suffers the most.
Each harmful factor has a different impact on the skin.

Exhaust fumes destroy epidermis cells, which causes loss of elasticity; dust clogs pores and stimulates acne; and UV light accelerates photoageing. Dry air and chemical emissions damage your skin’s protective barrier layer. The intense exposure to the harmful environment causes skin to suffer from dehydration, dulling its color, irritation, and hypersensitivity.

Need Help

Now imagine that you’ve left your skin alone in the fight against a bad environment. Folk methods that helped our grandmothers 50 years ago, simply can not cope with the damage that the city causes our skin. That’s why it’s essential for people living in big cities to use modern means of care. Otherwise, your skin will age quickly and look dull and lifeless.

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The main thing is to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your face, and not to forget about sun protection. Cosmetic care products are meant to protect the skin from drying out and UV rays, to nourish and moisturize, and to improve skin texture and quality. Skin care is also necessary to prevent aging.

That’s why you should choose special products for different problems. To cleanse your skin, cleansing gels or cleansing milk are excellent. To moisturize and nourish the skin, serums and creams are used. With exfoliation and black spots, minor pigment spots cope with scrubs and peels.

To protect your skin from ultraviolet rays not only special sunscreens, but also other care and decorative cosmetics, which includes protection from SPF.

However, you should remember that any care is effective only with regular use.