Why You Shouldn't Wear A Bra

Why You Shouldn’t Wear A Bra

Sudden news – wearing a bra every day isn’t necessary at all.

“Vibe Shift” put together a list of pros and cons of wearing bras on a daily basis.

Why yes

1. The sweet feeling of freedom

Yes, the moment when you take off the bra that has held your breasts in place with an iron cage all day is an extra opportunity to feel alive and happy. But if wearing a bra makes you so uncomfortable on a daily basis – is it worth the agony for the rest of your life (or to the point where society gives up on your looks and sexuality?) Yes, society has strict rules that clearly regulate your commitments to your own body – but you’re probably old enough to make those decisions for yourself.

2. You don’t have to worry about whether your underwear fits your clothes

Is your once favorite dress gathering dust in your closet because your only matching bra is also your torture tool? Afraid of stares if a piece of black straps suddenly becomes visible from under a white shirt or T-shirt? Any cleavage becomes too deep and open, if you wear a push-up? All this is solved by one simple action – the rejection of the bra. Without it your chest looks more natural and free, there is no worry about combining with clothes, and any neckline is attractive, but not revealing.

3. the feeling of own sexuality grows in front of our eyes

Yes, we all remember Rachel Green from Friends and her pointy nipples. And you know what, it was super sexy. The nice thing about not wearing a bra is not that you become a walking magnet for others (that’s probably such an effect), but that it actually helps boost your confidence. It can be quite uncomfortable at first without underwear, if only because of the feeling that everyone is looking at you. But really, most people will only notice its absence on a very cold day. But you know for sure that you’ve taken another step toward freedom, and it has a positive effect on your whole mood and behavior.

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Why not

1. If you have big breasts

Bras can’t be denied one thing: they really do support us. At least physically. If even in a couple of hours without a bra, you start the whole burden of responsibility for big breasts on your back, you shouldn’t give up on lingerie altogether. Just choose more comfortable options that won’t leave bloody marks or chafe.

2. If you’re exercising

Bouncing breasts can really get in the way during vigorous physical activity. In that case, choose a sports bra with good support (don’t hesitate to ask the consultants), in which you will be comfortable and enjoy doing sports. By the way, such bras are great for everyday wear, while feeling much nicer than “lace monsters”.

Healthy alternatives:

– Sports Bra. The right size does not pinch or squeeze anywhere, and because of the comfortable shape of the nipple is sure not to make an unexpected “escape”. By the way, these bras look great under dresses and semi-transparent shirts.

– Bralets. An ideal option for the owners of small breasts. Usually they are soft lace bras without stitches, which look beautiful both under clothes, and instead of them.

– Stikini (or, to put it in the normal language, stickers on the nipples). Will become a reliable insurance for girls who still can’t get rid of fear of cold days.

What do doctors think

– If you’re a size 2 (or smaller), your muscles can handle the strain on their own and you don’t have to wear a bra all year round.

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– For girls with larger breasts, a bra is only needed for comfort and the decision “to wear or not to wear” is up to everyone.

– It is obligatory to wear underwear regardless of breast size only during and after breast-feeding. As a result of post-lactation changes, the breasts shrink and fall off due to gravity, so there is a need for additional support.