Women's Things Men Use

Women’s Things Men Use

Companies that make products for women are increasingly turning their attention to male consumers. Let’s take a look at some products that are considered to be exclusively feminine items, but which men don’t neglect from time to time.

A woman’s razor

Undoubtedly, a shaver for men is one of the basic necessities, but the razors, which are positioned as a man’s, are not in any comparison with the women’s. A huge advantage of women’s looms is the size – they are larger, designed to cover a larger area and capture longer hair, which is very convenient for men who grow a beard but do not use an electric machine. Women’s machines also do a better job in the chest and abdomen areas. The larger coverage area means fewer abrasions, cuts and irritations. Plus, most women’s razors have moisturizing strips, which noticeably improves the quality of your shave.


Every day, going outdoors, we get a dose of ultraviolet radiation. The damage caused by UVB has long been known, and has been confirmed by numerous studies by foreign and Russian scientists. For example, IARC Monographs On The Evaluation OfCarcinogenic Risks To Humans, published by the World Health Association, describes the negative impact of UVC, UVB and UVA radiation on the skin, the risk of malignant tumors – melanoma. This is why one should not frequent the tanning salon. People of all genders should use sun protection creams all year round.


The term “peeling” implies the exfoliation of the keratinized layer of skin. Various types of peeling are used depending on your skin type and existing skin problems. Mechanical and chemical peels are common at home.

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Mechanical peels include scrubs – gels with small or large abrasive particles. Chemical peels are solutions containing acids (salicylic, glycolic, etc.). Different acids or their combinations can be used depending on the task at hand.

Men need peeling because their skin produces more sebum, which results in a shiny face, black spots, blackheads, and enlarged pores. Peeling also makes shaving easier.

Hygienic lipstick

This product is relevant at any time of year. The winter cold, the spring, not a warm wind, the heat in the summer contribute to weathered lips – they begin to dry and crack. A simple hygienic lipstick can help. Most lipsticks contain vitamins A and E, SPF, softens lips and protects them from the nasty effects of weather.

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Hair styling products
There is a huge number of hair styling products that allow you to create a hairstyle. Mousse for styling, spray, gel, wax or paste for hair modeling – men have a lot to choose from. However, they often use women’s hair styling products, which are more convenient to use, have a light texture and do not make hair unpleasant to the touch.

Facial Masks

With the help of this means you can nourish the skin, give it a healthy glow, relieve irritation, remove small swellings. The choice of face masks is huge, but for professional advice it is better to ask a beautician.


The popularity of men’s makeup is constantly growing. We are not talking about decorative cosmetics, but the minimum that will allow a man to look well-groomed and fresh, because no one likes dark circles and bags under the eyes, dilated pores and uneven facial tone. For this purpose, a concealer or concealer is ideal. Just a couple of movements, and all imperfections will be securely hidden under a thin layer of foundation, which remains almost invisible on the skin.

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Matting wipes

Men are often dissatisfied with their complexion. This is where matting wipes, a secret weapon in the cosmetic bag of oily and combination skin owners, come in handy. They will remove oily shine and even out face tone. And – most importantly – due to the small size of the package, wipes can be used at any time and in any place.